Client Journey – Keisha & Alistair

The Journey Begins

Keisha’s relationship with Diesel Productions stretches back to 2017, where she reached out to Diesel to DJ the pre’s to her small 18th Birthday Party. Unfortunately Diesel was already booked in to DJ another event that night.

Not wanting Keisha to miss out completely, he designed her a full mix using her Spotify Playlist, so she could at least still have some of the Diesel vibe at her party.

It went off really well! But Keisha still had her eye out to book in Diesel to play for her and all her friends.

Bring on the 21st

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Club

By the time Keisha’s 21st came around in 2020, Diesel was so excited to be able to finally party with all her family and friends in person.

And what a party it was!

Diesel Productions provided a DJ and Photography Package for what would be an amazing night.

Diesel’s highlights from the night include everyone interacting on the dance floor, and a fantastic round of the Macarena that got everyone involved and laughing on the all night long.

Happy Engagement!

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Club

Two year later, Keisha and Alistair got engaged! Bring on the Engagement Party on the 22nd of October at the Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Club.

As Diesel was already booked for a wedding on that night, he sent one of his best DJs, Matteo, to bring the vibes for Keisha & Alistair’s Engagement Party.

A trooper as always, Matteo had actually woken up that morning super unwell. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, he still pushed through and did the best he could.

And what a great night it was!
Everyone jumped on the dance floor for a fantastic night of dancing and having fun celebrating with their family and friends.

DJ Matteo described their party as one of his favourite events of the year, saying it was absolutely elite!

And Keisha and Alistair felt the same, as they booked in with Diesel Productions again for their Wedding!

“Just wanted to say absolute rave reviews about DJ Matteo who performed at our engagement party! He was absolutely amazing, got everyone on the dance floor and made us have so much fun. Honestly thank you so much for picking him to DJ for us, it was the best night. Can’t wait for the wedding!”

Testimonial from Keisha and Alistair

Keisha & Alistair’s Wedding

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Mandoon Estate Caversham

Next year on the 9th of December 2023, it was time to tie the knot! Keisha & Alistair had the wedding of their dreams at the beautiful Mandoon Estate in Caversham. Diesel was thrilled to have the pleasure of being DJ and MC for Keisha & Alistair’s special day!

From the fun bridal entrance, everyone there could tell that this was going to be a fun night.

Dancing as they entered, the whole bridal party did the nutbush once they’d all gotten on the dance floor.

What a fun way to start the night and set the tone for a wedding filled with so much dancing and fun.

A highlight from the formalities of the night was the choreographed Father-Daughter Dance!

Keisha and her Dad learned a fun and entertaining dance to a Diesel Mix: ‘Butterfly Fly Around’ by Miley Cyrus into ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. Diesel had made their mix up for them a month ago after Keisha and Alistair’s Pre-Wedding Interview, so that Keisha and her Dad could learn the dance.

As you can imagine, the crowd went crazy for it! As well as Keisha and her Dad now having a super special memory of her wedding and being fun and silly together.

And of course, everyone was on the dance floor all night long.

Diesel started the night with more of a chill house vibes, with Coldplay, Rufus and Flume. During the dinner service, Diesel went with the flow, basing the tunes off what he knew what they wanted from the past events that Diesel Productions have done for them. Everyone was still singing along during dinner, and having a great time! The Slower RnB songs really went well during this period.

There were lots of classic dance bangers that got everyone on the dance floor, that was a massive hit with the crowd and got everyone dancing and singing along!

Dance, RnB and Throwback songs went hard all night long. As you can see from the videos, everyone really knew how to party!

To keep the party going, Diesel ran heaps of interactive games throughout the night.

Everyone got involved and had a laugh, and some people’s competitive sides were really brought out! All fun and games, of course.

But what better way to keep the energy high and get every involved and having a good time.

A crowd favourite, these games only added more and more people to the dance floor, ready to keep dancing all night long!

There were some epic requests made on the night, that Diesel found a way to weave into the song list planned by Keisha and Alistair. An example of this was ‘Loose Yourself to Dance’ by Daft Punk. He knew it wouldn’t fit with the other requested songs, so Diesel found a song that would work well mixed with it, ‘Shut Up and Dance With me’, which the crowd absolutely loved.

You can check it out in the mix below!

He continued to lift the energy the whole night, live mixing songs to get the crowd going. Something that went particularly well was their last slow song, ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams, mixing the couples favourite party song, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus. Diesel felt their energy needed to be lifted up, so tried to work out something on the spot and found that ‘Levels’ by Aviici worked perfectly. The crowd absolutely went crazy for that one, the energy in the room just skyrocketing.

Keisha, Alistair and all their family and friends kept dancing hard all night long. We really value having such amazing clients who are so keen to get involved and have such a fun and interactive night on the dance floor. What a fantastic night!

Hear all the tunes and live mixing that got everyone on the dance floor for yourself! You can check out Keisha & Alistair’s Live Mix from their big day below:

A Dream Experience

It has been such a wonderful experience to have gone on this journey with Keisha and Alistair, culminating in their special big day. From 18th, to 21st, to Engagement Party, to their wedding. It’s been a time filled with dance floor bangers, interactive games and fun all round!

“Thank you so much for last night! The dance floor was never empty and so many people said they had the best night ever! I’ve had Diesel Productions at all my big milestone events, 18th, 21st, engagement and wedding because he knows how to get a dance floor going! He was an awesome MC and the dance floor was never empty. You are truly the best and we are sooooo grateful that we had you as part of our special day. Thanks for the best party ever Daniel!”

Testimonial from Keisha & Alistair

Until Next Time

We are so grateful to have clients that trust us to create a wonderful experience for them over all of their milestone events.

This means that we know them really well; we know what they want to hear, what type of night they want to have, and we know how to deliver that to perfection. There’s such a huge amount of trust and love going both ways, it’s just such a special and wonderful experience to everyone involved!

Creating these types of special long lasting relationships with clients is one of our favourite parts of the job. It’s created a great friendship over the years! We’ll never get tired of partying with Keisha, Alistair and all their family and friends!