Memorable Weddings – Tayla & Aiden

Reaching Out

Tayla & Aiden reached out to Diesel Productions in April to inquire about a DJ for their wedding in November 2022.

We all had a zoom meeting to discuss what they wanted at their wedding, and everything they had envisioned their big day being.

Their dream wedding experience was a BIG PARTY!

We then talked about what they needed to plan and book to ensure this vision came to life.

They wanted a party vibe, weren’t after a very traditional wedding, and only wanted a couple of formalities such as brief speeches and a first dance. We recommended that they go with a Cocktail Style Wedding, which you can read more about in our previous blog article. This style of wedding focuses more on getting everyone on the dance floor, with less of the formalities.

Initially they had booked a farm stay as their venue for their wedding, but once they had checked it out they realised that this venue didn’t fit with the fun party vibe that they were now planning for their dream wedding.

They decided to change venues to Bathers Beach House in Fremantle, as it best fit the party atmosphere that they were after.

Photographer: Zephyr Digital
Venue: Bathers Beach House

Planning the Dream Wedding

At their pre-wedding interview, we discussed how Diesel could help bring their dream vision of a big party wedding to life.

This style of wedding is our absolute jam, as we love getting everyone on the dance floor and facilitating an awesome party.

Regarding their first dance, Tayla had originally chosen a slow song. But when we went over it with Aiden, he recognised it from a funeral he had attended. So this song was no longer appropriate to be their first dance song.

Diesel went through their playlist of must-play songs for their big day, looking for a song that would work as a slow dance song.

He suggested ‘Everytime We Touch’ by Cascade and gave them a demo of how he could mix the acoustic and original version to both have a romantic moment for their first dance and bring the hype to the dance floor.

They LOVED this idea, particularly because it tied into their vision of their wedding being a big party.

Check out the playlist below for Tayla & Aiden’s key moments:

The Big Day

Photographer: Zephyr Digital
Venue: Bathers Beach House

All of Tayla and Aiden’s preparation paid off. Their wedding day turned out even better than they had dreamed, and it was absolutely a massive party.

The first dance moment turned out really well. The guests were amazed when the first dance turned into a party song, and within minuted people were on shoulders, there were light sticks waving everywhere, everyone was partying and dancing. It was really an explosion of fun!

What they envisioned came true! Their wedding reception started at 6pm, and from 7:30pm everyone was on the dance floor, having a great time and dancing the night away!

Check out the full mix below:

What they thought…

So what did Tayla & Aiden think about their big day? Was it everything they dreamed of it being? Just check out the lovely testimonial below for your answer.

“Diesel was the best part of our wedding day. He is the most incredible DJ/MC and really set the vibe! Our friends and family are still raving a week later saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to. He delivered exactly the vibe we have envisioned and all of our wedding photos are of every single person on the dance floor! We had sore legs the next day from literally dancing for 5 hours straight! Was the best day in our world. Thank you so much.”

Testimonial from Tayla & Aiden


We are so grateful to have been a part of Tayla and Aiden’s special day, and that we could create the BIG PARTY vibe that they were after!

This really shows how important planning your wedding as a team with your partner and vendors is; so you can make sure your wedding is everything both partners want.

We love being able to work together with clients to explore the vision they have for their dream wedding, and help to guide them to bring it to life.

Don’t be shy, tell us more about your dream wedding and we can help make it a reality!