Client Journey – Abigail and Jake

When Jake first reached out to Diesel to plan a surprise engagement party, he had only one request. ‘For You’ by Rita Ora. We planned that when Abigail walked up the stairs of South Perth Yacht Club, Jake would drop to one knee when the song started playing. From this plan, an engagement party was secretly organised, a secret well-kept until covid came and threw a spanner in the works. Jake still popped the question to his beautiful bride-to-be, while the engagement party itself was rescheduled to later that year on the 27th of September 2020. 

Photograph by Rift Photography
Venue: South Perth Yacht Club
Occasion: Jake and Abby’s Engagement Party

Engagement Party

It was such a night to remember! Diesel quickly read the room and got everyone on the dance floor vibing to 70s disco only an hour after the event started, at 7:30pm. After the speeches, it was the perfect time to bring back ‘For You’ by Rita Ora for a special slow dance for Jake & Abigail, a heartwarming moment that led to everyone jumping back on the dance floor. Diesel picked the tunes that kept the party going, from naughties bangers to RnB and dance music. Family and friends of all ages danced the night away from 7:30 pm till midnight!

An absolute legend in what he does. He really made our engagement party such a success and had everyone from all ages on the dance floor. Could not recommend anyone more. Thank you Daniel.

Testimonial from Abigail and Jake’s Engagement Party

Jake and Abigail's Engagement Party

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: South Perth Yacht Club
Occasion: Jake and Abigail’s Engagement Party

Having such a successful engagement party made it a no-brainer for Abigail and Jake to want to party again with Diesel at their wedding! They knew they could trust Diesel from their great experience at their engagement party, as even though Jake gave Diesel just one song, he was able to read the room extremely quickly to ensure everyone had sore feet by the end of the night.


And they did just that. On the 12th of March 2022, Diesel was DJ and MC for an incredibly special day at The Ritz Carlton, made even more special for the fact that we followed their journey from their engagement to their wedding day. Having such a strong idea of their vision meant that Diesel could facilitate many wonderful and memorable moments throughout the night. 

The bride and groom made a spectacular entry to ‘This will Be’ by Natalie Cole to a shower of sparks. The cutting of the cake song was particularly special, as we brought back ‘For You’ by Rita Ora. Jake and Abigail’s first dance blew everyone away with a choreographed number to ‘I Believe in You and Me’ by Whitney Houston, choreographed by Dancing on Cloud. The father and daughter dance was a heartwarming moment to ‘Walk with You’ by Edwin, while mother and son dance was an equally touching moment to ‘You’ll be in my Heart’ by Phill Collins.

Jake and Abigail's Wedding

Photographer: Jason Soon Photography
Venue: The Ritz Carlton Perth

These heartwarming moments were incredibly special, and were also accompanied by some incredibly fun moments as well. Once we found out in their pre-wedding interview that Abigail and her bestie Tina knew all the lyrics to a certain NWA song, we couldn’t help but play it after Tina’s speech (link to video) and let their wedding guests be impressed by their serenade. Towards the end of the night we also played some games to get everyone laughing and engaged, such as a girls vs boys sing and dance off! Can you guess who won? 

Photographer: Jason Soon Photography
Venue: The Ritz Carlton Perth

A special shoutout to all the vendors; the photographer/videographer Jason Soon for capturing the night’s special moments, The Ritz Carlton Perth for providing such a beautiful space, Dancing on Cloud/Northen Lights for creating such a memorable dance and Noda Events for the special dance floor.

“From experience it’s very daunting having to pick a DJ for your wedding, they can either make or break the event. Daniel definitely made ours. Cannot recommend him enough, not just as a DJ but as an MC too. Diesel is the best DJ you’ll get! He knows exactly what to play & when to play it. Knows his audience & how to interact with them. Thank you for being such a huge part of our wedding and being so easy to work with in the lead up to the day.”

Testimonial from Abigail and Jake’s Wedding

Family and Friends

Our journey with Jake and Abigail didn’t stop there! After having such a great time at the engagement party and wedding, several of their family members also booked Diesel Productions to make their events the best ever. We had the privilege of doing Jake’s brother’s Josh’s wedding to Tarlia at the Pan Pacific Perth on the 12th of November 2022.

“Thank you so much Daniel for last night, it was amazing. You did the best job!”

Testimonial from Josh and Tarlia Wedding

We also recently had the privilege of celebrating again for Abigail Mum’s wedding, Jayne and Ryan, at the Burswood on Swan on January 27th 2023 where Brian entertained them throughout the night!

“We met with Brian and omg he’s amazing ! Mum loved him !!!”

Pre-Wedding Testimonial from Abigail


We’re so grateful that Abigail and Jake felt like we were so easy to work with in the lead up to their big day and helped make it so special and memorable. As well as being able to celebrate with them several times since at their family and friends events! We can’t wait to celebrate with them more in the future, and we’re so happy that we could make their special days nights to remember and that’ll they cherish forever.

This is only one of our may clients journey’s that we’ve cherished over the years. This is the reason why we love what we do: our amazing clients day in and day out.

We couldn’t be happier to have been a part of their journey!