Santa Maria College – Class of 2024

The Journey Begins

We have had the absolute pleasure of entertaining the graduating class of Santa Maria College 2024 through their milestone events for the last couple of years. From their Father Daughter Dance, to Year 11 Social, to finally their Year 12 Ball in January 2024.

While we have done many events with Santa Maria throughout the years and across a variety of year groups, getting to experience the journey of this group is truly something to remember.

Entertaining the same cohort means that we get the pleasure of learning what they want to hear, and what’s going to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long.

Year 11 Father Daughter Dance

In March of 2023, the Year 11 cohort descended on Bathers Beach House with their Dad’s to have a fun night of dancing and making memories.

Every Father Daughter Dance is unique, and this is what Santa Maria do: they had a fun activity of a Scavenger Hunt around Fremantle before heading to the venue for some refreshments, then getting up on the dance floor.

It was a great night of interactive dances and fun for everyone. Diesel got everyone up and taught them how to do line dances like the nutbush, which had father and daughters alike dancing together and having a great night.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves, so much so that the cohort clamoured to have Diesel back for their Year 11 Social later that year.

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Bather’s Beach House

Year 11 Social

In September of 2023, the cohort gathered again at Fremantle Sailing Club to celebrate the year.

Year 11 Socials are always one of the favourite events that we do, and this one was no exception!

Everyone jumped on the dance floor within the first 20mins of the event and stayed there the whole time, until the event finished at 10pm! Everyone had a great time grooving the night away on the dance floor.

We also made sure to keep the whole event fun and safe for anyone. After discussing with the teachers before the event, we set some ground rules, which included:

    • no mosh pits
    • no shoulder rides
    • all shoes must be kept on

We were firm with these rules and made sure that the whole event was safe and appropriate for the school. This meant the students had fun on the dance floor, while the teachers could relax and have a dance themselves!

The extra bass from the enhanced speakers and extra wash lights on top of the Premium School Package really lifted this event to another level, everything came together to really give an awesome vibe and experience for the students.

Sourced from Santa Maria Instagram Page
Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Fremantle Sailing Club

You can check out their review and the mix of the night below:

“Thank you so much Diesel, you were fabulous! You just added an extra energy to the whole event. See you next year!”

Testimonial from Claire Newton, Head of Year

Year 12 School Ball

The Stage is Set

Finally the night that all Year 12’s look forward to: The Ball!

Hosted at the lovely Hyatt Regency Perth, this Great Gatsby themed event was sure to impress. With classy and formal vibes, the whole night was staged under the blue sky of the Hyatt Grand Ballroom.

Diesel was thrilled that Santa Maria booked The Deluxe Package: the extra lights really elevated the vibe of the venue, while the enhanced sound really provided the bass needed to bring the party to such a massive group of people.

Photographer: Diesel Media
Venue: Hyatt Regency Perth

Watch Out!

On the stage, there were some huge wash lights already set up behind the DJ booth from an external supplier. When Diesel came in to set up and turned everything on, nothing happened!

Diesel and the event crew tried everything and nothing was working. Luckily, Diesel figured out that those external huge wash lights were short circuiting BOTH of the power boards.

Once they are unplugged, everything else turned on and worked beautifully.

That’s the benefit of having such an experienced vendor at your event: you can trust them to problem solve any issues that come up!

Scheduled to Success

How Santa Maria scheduled the Year 12 Ball was truly amazing, and we would highly recommend that other Schools take this into account!

There are often many different photos taken at a Year 12 Ball, with different groups of people. This can be tricky to coordinate, and often ends up with our DJs on the mic trying to get students to the right spots. While we are aways happy do this, it does interrupt the flow of the night and can kill the dance floor.

At this Ball, a schedule for the photo times for each group had been made and placed at the tables on the other side of the menus. This meant that it was the students responsibility to get to their photos at the correct time, allowing for a smooth flow of the event without any interruptions on the dance floor. How fantastic!

Bringing the Tunes

Having done so many events for the cohort in the past, Diesel knew exactly what everyone wanted to hear.

One of the biggest requests from the girls on their Year 11 Social was ‘I’m Just Ken’ by Ryan Gosling from the Barbie Movie. So what better way to kick off the dance floor? It was quickly a crowd favourite for the girls and got everyone storming the dance floor.

Everybody didn’t leave it for the whole night!

It was such an interactive and fun dance floor, there were lots of ‘Diesel’ chants and hype for all the songs.

You can check out the mix from the night below!

The Perfect Balance

Despite the hype and excitement, everyone was very well behaved and respectful.

Having laid out the rules, everyone was free to have a safe and fun time. It was a no-stress experience for everyone involved!

Diesel Productions are experts at making sure the music is appropriate for a school event. You can read all about everything we ensure for school events through our ‘What Makes a Great School Function Blog’.

Disney clean versions of songs were played, and some songs that would still not be appropriate in the clean version due to content were not played all together. This isn’t a problem for us, as we are experts at finding similar songs that the crowd wants to hear, while still keeping it appropriate for the school.

These all resulted in the perfect balance between safety and having a fun time for everyone involved!

School Ball Fun!

Photographer: Diesel Media

A Night to Remember

What a fantastic night with a wonderful group! Nothing but a good time.

Everyone really got involved, dancing all night long. Even the teachers could be seen having a good time and getting involved with a few whips and nay-nay’s.

The cohort and teachers have said how thankful they were that they could have Diesel Productions entertain their event again. They knew we would play what they wanted to hear and had confidence that we would deliver an amazing experience.

Everyone wished we could have kept going all night long until the sun came up, as the students and teachers alike were having such an amazing time!

“Thank you so much, the girls absolutely loved you! Sorry to cut you off short, we’ll definitely be booking in the exact same for next year. See you at the next Santa Maria event!”

Testimonial from Claire Newton, Head of Year

Farewell 2024 Cohort

What a pleasure to have entertained all the milestone events for the Santa Maria Class of 2024!

We’ve loved partying with the girls all these years, and can’t wait to see how they crush it in the coming year.

It’s so incredible to be able to provide such a personal service over the course of the journey with Santa Maria. We even entertained their Staff Party! They got an awesome Karaoke DJ Package, which was such a fun and interactive touch to an already wonderful night!

Having that trust and experience is such a fantastic way to guarantee that the entertainment for the night is sorted, and will go off not only without hitch, but to a roaring success.

Santa has already enquired with Diesel Productions for all these events for the next cohort of students, and we can’t wait to provide this amazing personalised experience for the next group of students!

It’s been such a fun experience, with lots of photos with the DJ, stickers being thrown out and lots of love from the girls and their partners for Diesel and the whole experience that they shared together.

Best wishes to the Santa Maria Class of 2024!