What Makes a Great School Function?

Why We Love School Functions!

We love school functions here at Diesel Productions. They’re a great opportunity for the students to connect in a fun social environment, and for the teachers to get a chance to relax!

That’s why we’re here – to make sure your school function is as stress-free as possible.

By providing fun and energetic entertainment for every type of school event – from balls to dinner dances to discos, we can make your next school function a success.

We take pride in all of the school functions that we do. We make sure that we take the time to prepare every single song to make them clean and appropriate for the school we’re playing for.

Scotch College School Ball 2020

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Scotch College Perth
Occasion: Scotch College School Ball 2020

The Importance of Preparation

While we love delivering awesome parties at schools, we’re also conscious of the fact that some music includes foul language, and this is not what we want at our events. So we have a specific list of songs that we do not allow at any school function.

What We Don’t Play

We have a list of songs that we never play at any of our school functions. Even though we can get clean versions of some of these songs, they are still not appropriate. These clean versions will often still provoke the students to swear, so we stay clear of them all together. Other reasons for songs being innaprorpriate is due to a variety of reasons, such as the content of the songs or the ideas and themes referenced.

Inappropriate content could include references to alcohol, illegal substances, adult content or language.   

In terms of inappropriate themes and ideas, we have a good sense of which themes and insinuations in songs are inappropriate for schools, both in a whole and for certain schools. A good example of this is that we don’t play ‘Grease Lightning’ anymore from the movie ‘Grease’, since PLC and Scotch scrapped putting on a production of ‘Grease’ in 2021 over students concerns that it contained inappropriate themes for modern times.

We are also aware of traditions associated with certain songs that would be inappropriate to incite at a school event. A great example of this is the ‘Eagle Rock’ song, as it is a tradition in Perth that the boys will take off their pants as it’s a tradition. Avoiding this songs means avoiding opportunities for inappropriate behaviour.

Check out this review from one of our recent school events:

“The students had so much fun at their ball and you even got them up so early, that was amazing! They didn’t stop dancing all night long. You know exactly what to play and all the songs that you played are always to our school policy. Thank you so much Diesel for another successful event, we look forward to our next event with you!”

Testimonial from Carey Baptist College

Previous School Functions

Disney Clean Edits 

While the content of some songs mean that we cannot play them altogether, there are some other songs that we can edit to make them appropriate for a school function. We personally edit songs to make them Disney clean: all songs are G rated, with explicit words taken out or changed to clean lyrics. Anything related to alcohol or drinks references are also removed. 

Edited List

Diesel and our team of expert DJs have adjusted and edited popular songs to make them appropriate for a school event. 

These edits include adjustments such as lyric changes to remove inappropriate content or swearing from popular songs. Our DJs are also experts at mixing songs together; if there is an unavoidable inappropriate section in a popular song, we can change to a different song before that inappropriate section even arises. We have a large selection and catalogue of edited and clean versions of songs that we can play at school events. We know what songs are popular with kids, so we are prepared with appropriate versions of those songs for our school events.

Check out another review from one of our recent school functions:

“Thank you so much Diesel, you were the best DJ we’ve ever had! I’ve never been to an event where the students didn’t want to leave the dance floor because your song selection was that on point. You have a gift. The dance floor was full the whole night thanks to you Diesel. Thank you so much!”

Testimonial from WA School of Agriculture

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Fremantle Sailing Club
Occasion: Seton Catholic College Ball 2022


Student’s like to lift everyone up and crowd surf people on each other’s shoulders. They might find it fun, but it’s a massive safety risk. In this situation we always stop the music and get everyone down safely to ensure a stress-free and safe event for everyone involved.

Have a look at this great review from another one of our school functions:

“Wow! What a fantastic event we had with Diesel. The music was perfect. The games and entertainment was perfect and the best DJ our school has had. Daniel catered to different age groups and knew exactly what each group liked to make it the most fun disco our school has had. We will be booking Diesel next year for sure.”

Testimonial from John Septimus Roe


We love our school functions! We make sure that we meet and discuss with all of our school clients prior to their event, so they know they can trust us and so we can cater the experience to exactly what they’re after.

Diesel and his school functions team have worked together to form a consensus on which songs will and not be played, in order to provide the best experience possible for the students while still being appropriate for a school event.

By taking the extra time and effort to curate and edit the songs we play for schools, we can ensure that everyone at these functions have a great experience. 

Through making all of the songs appropriate, we can make sure that the teachers are stress free and the students have fun!

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