Matteo is our up and coming “All Rounder” who has racked up 3 years of experience in private events, corporates, school functions and weddings. He is our go-to person for every event, always able to be relied upon and ready to put his all into any event he performs at. Matteo is a kind and gentle presence, who receives constant glowing praise from clients for his friendliness and professionalism. 

He is passionate about giving clients the event they’ve been dreaming of, and is always open to suggestions and filling the needs of the client on the night. He strives to make sure every guest has a blast and is a hit with audiences for taking on requests. Matteo has established a killer catalogue of music over the past few years, influenced by his parents’ love for music and the songs they raised him on – ABBA, Queen, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and hits from the 80s and 90s. His regular gigs at bars over the past 3 years have only further cemented a love for ‘oldies but goodies’ and all the best pub hits the 70s and 80s have to offer. His Greek and Italian heritage also means he knows exactly what to play for a European crowd. One of Matteo’s favourite moments in a gig is when the classics come on and he gets to see the crowd get loose and have the time of their lives. With this image in mind, he always adjusts playlists perfectly to suit every kind of event and client. 

Matteo has been training with Diesel for over a year now, and has grown exponentially in this time. You can trust when you get Matteo for your event that you’re getting a DJ who’s heart and head is in the right place. You only have to look through his testimonials to see he’s super reliable, always does an amazing job and consistently creates an incredible atmosphere. 


Check out our ‘Matteo’ Instagram Highlight to see more testimonials and videos from past events.


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