How to Download and Share Professional Photos

Want to get the most out of your professional photos?

You receive photos back from a professional photographer and upload them to Instagram or Facebook. But it looks all blurry and pixilated when you upload it! Keep reading to know how to fix it.

Have you ever received photos back from a professional photographer and are wondering why they look great on your phone but get pixilated when you upload them to social media? Or have you blown up some professional photos and they look pixilated and blurry?

Have you ever received professional photos back from an event, but haven’t been entirely sure what to do with them? Or how to make sure they’re downloaded and shared correctly?

Having a photographer at your event is a great way to make your party memorable, and to ensure all the special moments are captured to be remembered for years to come. You can read our article ‘How to Book the Perfect Event Photographer’ if you need some extra tips.

But that time and money spent on researching and investing in a good photographer is pointless if you can’t use the photos the way you want to!

Keep reading this article to find out why, in this case, size matters.

How to Upload to Social Media

In order to make the photos your share on social media look the best they can, you need to make sure that you are downloading and sharing the right photo size for social media.

The size of photos in this context refers to the quality of the photos, or how many pixels a photo is. The higher the number of pixels, the higher quality photo.

But just because a photo is a higher quality, doesn’t mean it’s the best to share to social media.

This is because on social media platforms, such as Facebook, there is a size limit to the photos that can be uploaded. This is to make sure the platform can keep running as usual.

These platforms are clever, and if you upload a photo that is too large, they will shrink the size of the photo when you post it. This will result in it looking grainy, blurry or pixelated.

In order to solve this, make sure any photos you upload are under 1MB, or 2048 pixels.

If your photographer has provided you with a web gallery, these are the photos to upload for social media. If you’re not sure, ask your photographer! At Diesel Media we always make sure to upload social media quality photos to our Facebook page, to make saving and sharing photos online easy.

This way, your photos should appear clear and crisp when viewing them on your selected social media site.

How to Download from Social Media

Have you downloaded photos from social media, but they have saved blurry and unclear?

You may not have downloaded them properly. Do not screenshot!

In order to download photos from Facebook on a desktop or mobile device, use the following steps:

You should now have these photos saved to your photo album or downloads folder.

1 – Enlarge the photo you would like to download

2 – WAIT for the photo to load (this is the most important step!)

3 – Right click or hold the photo to bring up this menu

4 – Click save or download

Diesel Productions Tip!

Photo Sharing Etiquette

When downloading, uploading and sharing professional photos on social media, there are a couple of tips that you should follow.

1 = Do not edit the photos

Do not add any filters or edit the professional photos that you have received! You can end up misrepresenting the brand of the photographer, and likely reducing the quality of the photos you have.

The photographers know what they are doing, and have edited them with their many years of experience. Make sure that you communicate with your photographer before your event so they can capture and edit your photos in the way that you want.

Also remember to select a photographer in the style that you are after! This is why research is so important when selecting a photographer. You can read more about what to look for when selecting a photographer in our previous article.

2 = Credit the photographer

When sharing photos on social media, make sure to tag or mention the photographer! This really helps photographers find more clients, and it’s always right to credit artists for their hard work! This can also ensure that other people can get the same awesome experience that you did.

Download High Quality Photos

When sharing the high quality photos from your event, photographers will often use a photo sharing site such as Pixieset. This ensures the high quality photos can be shared to many different people without sacrificing the quality of the photos.

At Diesel Media, we use Pixieset to share our high quality photos with all of our clients. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • The photos can be sorted and saved into particular albums
  • These albums can be easily shared to all the family and friends who attended the event
  • There are options to password protect photo albums, which we always use for all our school events
  • You can save your favourite photos out of the list to easily refer to later

How We Can Help

At Diesel Media, we have several different packages and options to suit whatever you would like for your event.

We can offer a friendly and experienced photographer, social media quality photos shared on Facebook, high quality photos shared on Pixieset and great customer service.

We love collaborating with clients to create their dream event. If you’re interested in booking a photographer individually or in addition to your DJ, don’t be shy! Shoot us a message to get the ball rolling.

Diesel Media Best Shots!


We hope that this information on downloading and sharing professional photos has been useful!

By following the tips in this article, you can make sure that you download and share the photos from your event in the most flattering way possible. You will never have to deal with frustratingly blurry photos again!

If you’re after a photographer for your event, check in with us at Diesel Media. We can help make your event as memorable as possible!

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