Why Choose a Cocktail Wedding?

Are you planning your wedding?

First of all, congratulations! Wedding’s are such an exciting event, and a beautiful way to celebrate the love of a couple and the joining of family and friends.

Second of all, don’t stress! We know that wedding planning can be overwhelming. We want to share some tips and tricks to make everything seem less confusing, and help people make the best choices for them, in order to bring their wedding dreams to life.

We really enjoy working at weddings, and we have experienced many different types of weddings over the years. An early decision to make when planning your wedding is what style of wedding you would like to have. This is a great decision to make early because it informs what type of venue and vendors you need to book to ensure this style becomes a reality.

Traditional vs Cocktail Wedding

These two types of wedding receptions, traditional and cocktail, are the main types of weddings that we have experienced.

But what do these two styles of weddings even mean?

Traditional Wedding receptions have many of the formalities that you would come to expect with a wedding, like your parents wedding that they keep telling you about. They are organised around a sit-down element for a meal and speeches. They usually follow a similar structure, involving a bridal party entrance, dinner, speeches, cake and first dances. Normally for this type of wedding, everyone starts getting on the dance floor around 9-9:30pm. If you book one of our experienced DJs, they are the perfect wedding experts to get people on the dance floor in between the meals!

Cocktail Weddings are for couples who want everyone to mingle and have a huge party. There are usually canapés instead of sit down meal, with less formalities such as multiple speeches. A smaller venue is usually booked which has a great dance floor, as there is no need for a large area for tables. Everyone usually gets on the dance floor around 7:30 – 8:30pm. This type of wedding needs an  exceptional DJ to create the fun atmosphere and party vibe, as seen from our team!

The Cocktail Wedding Experience

How do you choose? 

We love every type of celebration. The best type of wedding is one that works fit what you want.

It all depends on what you want!

You should pick the style of celebration that best suits what you want, and the dream vision that you have for your big day.

Where we come in: we love working with clients to figure out what style of wedding would be best for them! This way they can get the optimal experience and create the wedding of their dreams.

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We would love to hear what kind of wedding that you want to achieve. Whether it’s a traditional sit down wedding or a party style cocktail wedding, we are always here to help

Together we can talk through your vision of what you both want to achieve for your wedding.

We look forward to having a zoom or phone call with you to hear all about your dream wedding. Remember to book in soon before your date books out!

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