The Essentials of Wash Lighting

What is Wash Lighting?

We talked in our last blog about the importance of dimming a room to allow key lighting elements to create the perfect atmosphere for a memorable party. While all types of lights are important in creating the perfect atmospheric balance, wash lights are what tie the visual effects together. They are the foundation of putting on a good light show.

Wash lights are a filler on the dancefloor as they create a room full of life, even while all other moving heads, laser and party lights are off. They cast colour evenly over large areas so you never dance in pitch darkness and have consistency across your environment. They are completely adjustable in colour and intensity and will blend into any setting, from the most reserved functions to the wildest nights.

Geo's 21st

Photographer: Matt from Rift Photography
Venue: Perth City Farm
Occasion: Geo’s 21st

What Can Wash Lighting Do for Your Event?

Wash lights are known as ambient lighting for their role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your event. A wash of a particular colour, at a specific brightness, can immediately set the tone you’re after for your function. Lift the energy of the room by adding brightness or draw your guests onto the dancefloor with something more subdued. Our wash lights are customisable to any colour through a phone app, allowing us to match and emphasise your theme. Light up the whole room in colours of your choice. It is perfect as a backdrop for your first dance or for school functions wanting to display their school colours.

Venue: Fremantle Sailing Club
Occasion: Santa Maria Year 11 Social 2020

Our wash lights can be adjusted to follow any song playing. They match the pulsing of the beat to support the crowd. They are essential for encouraging everyone to get up and on the dance floor.

Photographer: Matt from Rift Photography
Venue: Cambridge Bowling Club
Occasion: Sacha’s 21st

You can also use wash lights to dress up the room at your venue. Washlights will fill your space and tie together any decorative elements to give cohesion to your venue interior. They provide an extra touch of charm to your setting and are sure to invite guests to the dancefloor as your music picks up.

Photographer: Rift Photography
Venue: Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club
Occasion: Tiana’s 21st

Another amazing characteristic of our wash lights is the way they can light up any backdrop. Whether it’s a plain wall, staged backdrops or trees – wash lights turn any space into the ultimate party zone. Your photographer will love them as they add that last bit of detail and dimension to a photo. They are perfect for your wedding reception. 

The wireless and waterproof features are the cherry on top, ensuring that no matter the weather, you will have your dream event!


Wash lights are essential in crafting the perfect ambience and ensuring a memorable event. Their fully customisable colours and intensity levels enable visual cohesion no matter the setting. Combined with their ability to pulse to the music, wash lights are the perfect way to connect the music to the rest of your visual elements. From a birthday party to a wedding reception, wash lights are the secret weapon to getting everyone on the dancefloor!

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