Mark Kenny Celebrant

This relaxed and professional celebrant will feel like a mate from the beginning, who ensures that everyone feels as comfortable as possible through banter, laughs and love.

Website: Mark Kenny Celebrants

Facebook: @markkennycelebrations

Married By Laura

With fun and laid-back energy, this celebrant loves creating awesome weddings for awesome people, where each ceremony is fun, relaxed and unique to the couple.

Instagram: @marriedbylaura

Facebook: @marriedbylaura

Daniel Delay Celebrant/Comedian

Laugh your way through love with this laid-back and professional celebrant. With a background in teaching and stand-up comedy, they focus on telling your story in a relaxed way that guarantees a humorous and enjoyable ceremony, where no two weddings are the same.

Website: danieldelby.com

Facebook: @danieldelbycelebrant

Belinda Clinton Celebrant

This fresh, youthful, professional and fun celebrant has over 10 years of experience and works tirelessly to craft and deliver the perfect ceremony, ensuring every detail is as you have always dreamed. They understand that love is as unique as the couple themselves, and curate unique experiences for each couple.

Website: www.belindaclinton.com

Facebook: @belindaclintoncelebrantandmc

Instagram: @belindaclintoncelebrantandmc

Caitlin the Celebrant

Make your day fun and full of smiles with this personable celebrant, who loves working with people and telling great stories. Their biggest priority is getting to know you and your love story, and providing an energetic, professional and meaningful experience.

Website: www.caitlinthecelebrant.com.au

Instagram: @caitlinthecelebrant

Kristy Wright

Enjoy a balance of heartwarming moments and humorous laughter with this celebrant, who provides a relaxed and modern service by creating every ceremony from start to finish, shining your love story into beautiful shareable moments.

Facebook: @marriedbykristy

Instagram: @marriedbykristy

The Wedding Crasher

Let this natural-born storyteller entertain the crowd at your ceremony by creating unique memories of happiness and love. This celebrant is fun-loving and relaxed with a sense of humour and is always professional, reliable and friendly.

Website: www.theweddingcrasher.com.au

Facebook: @brent.dickson.celebrant/

Celebrations with Holly

This celebrant is a natural-born storyteller that balances the professional and fun sides of your wedding ceremony. They aim to capture the essence of the couple and are an organised, calm and relaxed presence to help the couple stay in the moment.

Website: www.celebrationswithholly.com

Facebook: @celebrationswithholly