Santa Maria College

“The atmosphere for the whole event was fun and relaxed. It was wonderful to see the authentic conversations going on between our students and their dads. Everyone had a smile on their face. A highlight for me was when all the dads were dragged up onto the dancefloor by their daughters to do the Nutbush! Another highlight for me was being led in song by Year 11 student Sienna and her backup singers. I still can’t get the tune to Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’, out of my head.” – Dean of Year 11 

“It was great to see my daughter and so many of the other girls in their element, dancing, singing and having fun, and most of the dads dancing along with the staff, too.” – Giovanni, Annika’s Dad

“The absolute highlight was when I pulled my dad to the dance floor, breaking barriers and creating priceless memories as we had fun dancing together under the DJ’s tunes, then seeing everyone else’s fathers join and seeing the joy in everyone’s faces as they created a memory they would never forget.” – Jorja, Student

“A big highlight of the night was dancing with my daughter to some songs by DJ Daniel from my generation.” – Sascha, Jorja’s Dad 

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