Danni & Mikayla Reid

We had Matteo from Diesel Productions be our DJ & MC for our Wedding last night. We were absolutely blown away by him. Matteo was just absolutely incredible. His ability to MC and hype the crowd up was so valuable to our night. He did such an amazing job. He did so amazingly at playing songs at the perfect time and his transitions into songs were great. We couldn’t have picked a better DJ for our night and we are so appreciative to him for making our night. 

Matteo even when out of his way at the end of the night to go and grab everyone who went inside, bought them back out, and put on a sing-along song so we could end our night with a precious moment. It was one of my favourite memories of the night and it meant the world that Matteo had organised that special moment for us. Was such a lovely surprise. 

We just thought the world of him. Very very pleased with him. We couldn’t recommend him enough.

Thank you heaps, Daniel

Danni and Mikayla x