Korn is one of our “Scratch Prince” and he loves to play R&B and Hip Hop. He has been taught specially by one of our DJs Midsole at the world-renowned DJ school LABSIX in Perth for DJing and Scratching. He has an advanced diploma in sound production. He doesn’t just play that kind of genre but can play all different genres to cater to all different crowds like sing-alongs, commercials, top 40, house and many more. 

Using the skills that learned; he has put it into practice at multiple types of events. He used to be a resident DJ at the bar at Elizabeth Quay where he did corporate events there for a year. He has played at venues like Daisy’s Leederville, Milky Lane, Geisha Bar, Amplifier, Magnet House, Air Nightclub, and Ice Cream Factory, just to name a few. He plays regularly at Daisy’s Leederville. 


Korn's Favourite Party Song